EAST BY NORTH (Lookit what you got !!!)

Dinosaur skype cooepr    I’ve written before how Cooper knows how to initiate a Skype call.  Here he is skyping with his dinosaur (and me).    Little Mr. Electronic Gadget Man.   When I was at his house last week, he liked to dig in my suitcases and purse.   I had brought radios, an alarm clock, a wristwatch that chimes on the hour, cameras, cell phone, various chargers, an electronic spectrometer,  a radiation detector. . . .  I like electronic gadgets too!

Every once in a while he’d reach in and find something new and “wonderful.”   His face would light up and he would exclaim, “Oh, Grrrrma!!   Lookit what you got!!!”  

Such fun!!     (And for the next couple of days buzzers and alarms and my radio would start up at odd times. . . .)     But that little phrase of his  proclaimed all the delight his 2 1/2 year old body could possibly contain!

I found that a very handy phrase to express some of my delight at the scenery I’ve been seeing.


I would round a curve and see spectacular mountain views, then I’d round the next curve or up and over the next hill, and the view would be even more spectacular!   And inside,  I could say:  “Oh, my Lord God and Creator of All Things!   Lookit what you got!”  


Then after the mountains came a long day’s drive through the many-faceted emerald green hills of the high plains.

Green green

“Oh, My God!   Lookit what you’ve got!”       Your beautiful world!!    And you gave us the ability to see the beauty and lose our breath at the sight of some things.    Deo gratias!

To my great sorrow I’ve come to accept that my cameras cannot capture what I’m seeing and my words cannot give you what I’m feeling.    How could I say it all?

One word summary?     Gratitude.

The weather report was not good,  and the clouds darkened things, but up ahead there seemed to be blue sky pushing away the clouds,  just about where I needed to be in an hour or so.


Eventually, as I drove eastward through the bright green, the ground began to give out from under us!

Ground Falls away

And that is the next story.

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One Comment on “EAST BY NORTH (Lookit what you got !!!)”

  1. loisontheweb Says:

    Now you have a sense of why truckers love their job …!
    Plus, part of the job is getting off the big road and interacting with local people … So interesting!

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