I’m weary, right now,  and feeling a little down., so I think,  this Tuesday,  I’ll stick with recent themes here:   The on-going  Tuesday Tributes to 11-06-13;   and yesterday’s  “Hither, Thither, and Yon.”

“Not what we intended!”

Deer Feedingn1

It’s my bird feeder.   I moved it to the back yard for several reasons,  but the birds didn’t take to its new location very well.    I worried that all that bird seed would just rot away.    But I needn’t have worried.   It’s getting eaten.

Deer Feeding 2

Just not how I intended.

I saw some bumper stickers this afternoon, naming one of the names in the last presidential election, 11-06-12.    Our Rulers put one of them in the w hit e ho use. I wonder if those bumper sticker people knew what they were going to get.

Is it how they intended things to turn out?

Life disappoints, sometimes.    Then we adjust.   Leaders disappoint.   Promises made to us disappoint and then some of us get poorer.      Some of us lose our freedoms.    Some of us get sicker.  Some  of us die.

I had my radio on this afternoon in the car too.  As I was tuning up and down the dial I heard one young man say “….And then John  heard a voice saying ‘Come up hither!’ ”   I knew where that quotation came from!   It’s from the Apocalypse,  the last book of the Bible;  the “scary” one named Revelation.

And I happen to be teaching that one right now, although with a slightly different presentation.

Nevertheless,  what was that all about?   “Come up hither” ?

Hither means  “here;   to me.”      While John was having his visions,  a powerful voice from above told him:  Come up hither,  up to where I am,   up to me.   It was a voice of power and might – and of benevolence.   And John was willing.

So, now,   what if we think of having a Leader who doesn’t disappoint?    Not a leader that we voted for,  because we’re on his side,  but a Leader that is on our side?   One who came here and told us “Behold,  I go and prepare a place for you….and I will come again and receive you unto Myself.”      “Come … unto Me.” 

And that’s the voice who tells us “Come up hither.”   Power.   Truth.  Benevolence.  Safety.   Love.

We can rest thither.

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