“Thithering.”   As in “hither, thither, and yon. ”   A handy phrase from the English dictionary.    I know I just got home from a long Western trip,  but I’m getting ready to go on another one tomorrow.    This time it’s family interests that compel me.

250px-KeweenawPeninsula_svg    Our destination in that white horn that juts out into Lake Superior.    It is the location of the international  FinnFest 2013 event.    A few years ago, this was a very important celebration for Hubbie who was 100% Finn,  and since I am one-half Finn, that means Son is three-fourths Finn;   and so we are going, Son and I,   to honor our Finnishness.

Lake Superior is the Far, Far North.  I’m packing jackets and sweaters — even in June.   I’ve been there before —  in June.

Let’s see…….am I forgetting anything for my suitcase?   Am I overlooking anything?     Like this man who intended to rob the convenience store he was seen walking into:

thiefThe video camera caught him entering the store.   He didn’t forget to put a bag over his head.    He just overlooked the fact that it was a transparent bag!

I have the usual pre-trip jitters.   What am I overlooking?




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