“I’m sorry, sir,  I don’t know who you are.”


I just blurted that out when the man who sold me this calendar gave me my change and asked me if I wanted him to write his name on the front of the calendar.    Huh?   An autograph from the cashier?


I had bought this beautiful calendar with original sketches of life in Saamiland because the pictures stirred something up in me.   Turns out the “cashier”  was the artist himself.

After he introduced himself and I got done blushing,  I handed him his calendar and graciously,  I hope,  asked for his autograph.    I should have known, there were signs all over his booth, at the FinnFest Tori Market  that I mentioned in the last posting.   Son and I  (and the little audience I had collected)  had a good laugh and we all moved on.

MAP  Saamiland

This is approximately the location of Saamiland, the purple.  I probably have Lapp  blood in me, and that’s right up there in that region.   My Grandma spoke a little about that region, but I was too young to really pay attention.


You’ve got to admit –  it’s pretty far away,  pretty remote,  and most people don’t even know it’s there.    My cousin had our DNA traced one time, and it went back to Stone Age people who lived on the coast of the Northern Baltic Sea 11,000 years ago.    I’m not sure how accurate that is,  but there are times when I can feel myself brooding by the cold dark sea, breathing in the beautiful scenery with the cold crisp air. . . .resting my mind.

Seems mighty nice sometimes.   Seems mighty nice right now, at times like these.

I’ve been home a few days, getting reacquainted with my home.  getting caught up with the news.    I can’t take it all in, all the changes.    I don’t want trouble, I don’t want strife,  I want to be quietly law-abiding. . . .

But I see our Rulers,  my Rulers,  not only think I’m one of those “clinging to their guns and their bibles,” in that infamous quotation,   but that I must belong to The Flat Earth Society,  and my Rulers “don’t have time for me.”    More ominous,  they think that I want to do harm to my fellow man, and that I’m likely an Enemy of Mankind. ( words reported in mainstream newspapers.)

Sheeesh!  Where is Daniel Boone when you need him?  “Them thar is fightin’ words.”

But I don’t want to fight.   I don’t want to be fought against.   I know an insult when I hear one — even when one comes out of my own mouth.  But mine was inadvertent.   These insults sound deliberate.   What are they leading up to?

It’s Sunday today.   The Church gives us these words to contemplate, in one of the many little prayers assigned for this day:  “….Grant that what we may ask in hope,  we may effectually obtain.”   Sounds a little funny in English, but it means that the Lord is compassionate and will hear us, and our prayers will be effective, God willing.       Just feels like it’s time for a lot more praying.

. . . looking out over the cold sea, alone and quiet, far away from impending troubles

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