It was a pretty nice day today;  very nice, in fact, with a visit from Son and cooking and baking and  Son doing some house repairs and turning on the television together and seeing what’s going on….

But it’s Tuesday, the day when I pay tribute to that infamous Tuesday of 11-06-12 –  can hardly believe it’s gotten this bad.   Because, of course,  it wasn’t just that one Tuesday,  it’s been several Tuesdays, every fourth year,  in a row, for several cycles.

Such a good day……I hate to write  all the things that are making me so sad….    Just….one, maybe.     Then I can go back to “my children sleeping with the Bedouins,”  as in the last post.     And  then I might retreat to the safety of history on upcoming Tuesdays.    The present is getting a little claustrophobic.    And frightening.     I wrote several  blogs today on this topic,   but published none.    I’m not choosing to deal with what I’m reading and hearing.

So…just the one.

Know what this is?

bloody tumor

It’s a bloody tumor taken from out of a dog’s neck.   Sorry if you’re squeamish.    You’ll be seeing a lot more of this in the future.    That little black, red, and white cylindrical gadget is presented to us as a “good way to keep your pet safe.”   You get that put into your pet and then he can be tracked all over.   Great if you lose your dog or cat.

Not so great for the dog or cat.   Lab after lab have reported that after a while these little gadgets cause bloody tumors,  some cancerous,   in  animals… .in living beings.

Any science teacher ever tell you  that you belong to the “animal”  classification?

Why do I write about this on a Tuesday?   Because,  unknown to our congressmen who voted yes on the new Health Control law,   and unknown to the Supreme Court who ruled that it’s “okay” to impose that Health Control law on everyone,   there is a clause in that 14 foot high stack of rules and regulations that requires that provisions be made to implant everyone with a little gadget like this by the year 2016.

That little bloody tumor up there might become very familiar to every American citizen.     In just a few years.

Just….you know….read it for yourself.

Is  this going to be inevitable?

Socialist _sheep-forward crFollow your leader.


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