“Like dinosaurs, tumbling down a mountain pass.”

Wow, I haven’t written since the Fourth of July?   Much has been going on, full days, hot, sweaty busy days – July days!   I’m pretty sure I have the upper hand, now, on my little piece of property,  and as “hot and humid” gives way to “warm and dry” around here,  the lawn and garden maintenance will be a bit easier.

So, here’s the conundrum that I bring to The Spruce Tunnel today:.   My personal life is going well, and so it seems with my family and friends in our little corner of the world.    The Fourth of July set me off to thinking, with gratitude,  about our country and the freedom that it offers.  This is the freedom to work hard, possibly get rewarded and “get ahead” a little,  the possibility to fail and start all over again, and the possibility to keep what we’ve each worked hard for without fear of crime, civil war, interference by a king who spies on his citizens, ready to find reason to take away their property, money, rights, freedom, or lives.

Only that’s not our country anymore.   And that’s the puzzlement.   It feels like there are two realities, about to crash into each other:    the personal lives I see around me, locally,  temporarily at rest VERSUS the looming danger that is arising as our democracy ends and our Rulers demand – or try to demand – that we live according to their  needs.

“When the government fears the people, there is freedom.  When the people fear their government,  there is tyranny.”


I said conundrum, and conundrum is defined as “a difficult problem that seems to have no solution.”    And here’s where I saw the dinosaurs.

One night, hot and sweaty, exhausted, hungry, then freshly showered and fed, I went into Hubbie’s television room and turned on his Cable TV system.   215 channels later I hadn’t really found anything worth using up all that electricity for — until I came across a channel that was showing a dinosaur stampede.

Now, I had just come from dinosaur country a couple weeks ago during my travels, so I was primed and ready to stay with these dinosaurs.   Turns out, the Cable Guide said the movie was King Kong, and although that didn’t interest me too much,  it also said that the special effects were really very….special.

Some dinosaurs lived and moved in herds, and these very realistic dinosaurs on my television screen were herding together in a panic and trying to escape something.   They stampeded towards an ever-narrowing mountain pass and began to bump and trip over each other, falling and rolling and squishing the smaller dinosaurs – and the men who had unfortunately gotten in their way.

Faster and faster and louder the herd came, boring through that narrow down-sloping pass, until their pathway  suddenly led to the edge of a cliff!     There the path made a sharp turn to their left, the viewer’s right,  and as the lead dinosaurs saw this,  they tried to make the turn, but momentum and crumbling rock edges took most of them right over the cliff.

Heart-stopping action (if you were rooting for the dinosaurs)!!

I watched their big feet and powerful stumpy legs scrabble for purchase, but it seemed hopeless.   I watched their tremendous momentum and power and speed and then their tremendous will to change course.  And I watched their defeat,  their down-fall,  their literal downfall.

I didn’t watch much more of the movie,  but I came away sad and pondering.

That old conundrum again.    What to do with this multi-front attack on our nation?   We, the herd, are beginning to get uneasy, we’re beginning to go down that mountain pathway, thinking we’ll have safety if we move along with the herd, as we always do.

But the momentum that is driving the herd is blind faith.     Meanwhile,  there is an “end” up ahead, an end that was engineered for us,  and our pathway is crumbling away.  Large chunks have fallen away:   Each of the First Ten Amendments to our Constitution have been eroded, large,  important “chunks,” one by one;   protections such as “no quartering”  and posse comitatus laws are gone, now.   The expectation of privacy has dissolved under the all-pervasive surveillance system.  Government employees are now supposed to spy on each other – and report! – and give an account for why you did not report when something goes wrong in your department.   Our cars will now be made with those little “black boxes”  that will report our location and speed, and allow Big Brother to turn off our engines, if it seems necessary.   Our expectation of receiving health care in our future is gone.  We will soon have to carry identification and/or papers with us wherever we go. . . . there are odd check-points all over…..and military and police drills….  And today, from British newspapers, we find out that our own Dept. of “Justice” has been sending people down to Florida to try to insert “racial issues”  into a local trial.  Race-baiting, this is called.  A despicable practice.    One that may foment a civil unrest that no one wants.   The once-legendary high moral standards of the American people have been overturned by outside forces.    And as crime and immorality increases,  we are being “ruled and regulated” into inaction.

The American dinosaur herd is being hastened to its end.

And I don’t know where our “tremendous will”  is, to try to change course and get back on safer ground.

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