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The old, well-loved Christmas carol comes to mind tonight.   “Do you hear what I hear…..?”   And I ask you:   Did you hear what I heard tonight?    I wish everyone did.

Mopping my still somewhat fevered forehead and resting my aching body gave me an excuse to sit on my couch today.   That meant I could look out my bay window and watch the deer and squirrels and occasional fox – and ponder  my new “lawn ornament”  down by the pond:

SAMSUNGThat “lawn ornament” is the blue heron down there, hunting my goldfish, and he could stay motionless for .  .  . for far longer than I could.

Evening Project

So this evening, I got up and got busy on a post-traveling project I’ve been fixing to do for a few weeks now.     I’ve never done it before –


It’s called “scrapbooking” and, as you can probably tell by the mess,  other than a few friends and a lot of tutorials on YouTube,  I don’t have too many examples to go by.   Nevertheless,  it’s more fun than I thought  it would be because I’m putting  into it  what I loved about my travels.  I can put in this scrapbook exactly what I want to remember for all time.

And while I kept my hands busy,  I kept my ears busy too.    I heard things from other parts of the world.  I heard how people in those other parts of the world think of us in this country.

Radio shortwaveThis is how I hear the news, on a shortwave radio.   There are many informative programs on the Internet and on  shortwave radio.     American radio and television doesn’t really tell you what’s going on in the world, except as our Rulers interpret it for us and give permission to the television channels and radio talk shows to tell us about it.

Technically, it’s Tuesday right now,  so I guess this could be another  Tribute To Tuesday,  11-06-12, and all the other such Tuesdays at four-year intervals.

Did you hear what I heard?

The program I heard tonight was an interview with an African.   He was born and raised in one country and I think he lives now in South Africa.   I forgot his name, but I think I could look it up if it became important to me.     He’s an author,  he’s educated, and is apparently somewhat well-known.

He spoke of the reputation America, our nation, has in the world today.    Although he remained gentleman-like in his speaking,   it seemed he could hardly contain his dismay and anger and disbelief.   He repeated the oft-heard warnings from people in formerly-communist countries that America is now fully accepting the tyrannical system that they have finally freed themselves from.   They fought – with great cost – for their freedom.   We are slouching into a dictatorship, thoughtlessly giving up all our freedoms.

Actually, according to many,  we are now living under a dictatorship.    We have fewer freedoms than the citizens of many African nations, and more to fear.   We fear to speak out.

They recognize what’s happened to us.    We don’t,  as a nation,  generally speaking.   And whether we do or not,  we are doing nothing to stop it.

They are furious with us for promoting communist-socialist dictators all over the world.   We demand that socialist dictators are put into office, we demand that immorality is legalized and promoted in their countries, and we demand that their economic system blends in with ours –  or else we withhold vital monetary aid or food aid or medical aid,  and  if that doesn’t work,  we ship arms into their countries and pull down the leadership that is resisting what our own Rulers want.

That is,  we support the “rebels” who will take down legitimate leaders by giving the “rebels”  money,  technical support, and actual arms in the form of fighter jets,  submarines, and all sizes  of war armaments.

The world thought we were a Christian nation, tolerant of other religions, but now we are supporting those systems which persecute Christians.   That’s too nice a word.   The Christians are being killed, enslaved, raped, in all the most terrible ways we can imagine.   One day ago 35 Christians wer killed  in what used to be Iraq, but is now a battleground for two rival Islamic religions.     Coptic Christians are living in fear and terror, as they lose their daughters, their families,  their homes, and their lives.

Africans seem to blame us.

Africans demonstrated in the streets by the thousands with anti-American signs recently when a large group of our Rulers spent untold millions of our tax money to make a self-serving trip to their continent.   Gay people were collected from anywhere they could find them in order to join the American group, according to witnesses.   But as this speaker noted,   homosexual actions are ILLEGAL in every country   (or “just about” every country, if you’ve been trained by the socialists to use such a conversation tripper) –   every country except for the countries that used to be the civilized Western world.

There is a reason to protect the most basic unit of society from all kinds of activities which tear apart a family and harm children.    And the Africans recognize us as the leaders in family-killing legislation.

We do not recognize that some religions  are harmful and aggressive, but we pretend to wring our hands about Christianity.    We do not recognize political systems which are harmful and aggressive,  but instead we adopt their methods,  happily committing suicide and homicide wherever we go.

Our Rulers are shutting down our energy production, coal mines are being shut down,  copper mines, farms,  many small businesses and manufacturing  companies.      We seem to be blind to what our own Rulers are doing to us.     But this is seen and commented on by people in other nations and they look on us in wonderment.     Maybe we’re just helpless and weak, not blind.

As is commonly known:   “Godlessness leads to the Gulag.”

Whew!   That’s not even a half of what he said, because he made other points and he had  examples and references and resources for everything he talked about.

Did you hear what I heard –  about the demonstrators in several African nations expressing their anger at our Rulers?    Did you hear about the three African countries who would not allow our Rulers to enter – including the one that is known in Africa to be the birthplace of one of ours?    Did you hear that it is generally recognized by the rest of the world that we have become a dictatorial-socialist nation now?

My ears were busy tonight…..  And I can’t get to sleep,  because this is not the first time I’ve heard all this from other sources.

I can’t get to sleep tonight because not too many of my fellow citizens…..”heard what I heard.”

And, of course,  all that I wrote is the opinion of the one man I heard tonight.   I declare no opinion of my own.




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One Comment on “DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR?”

  1. A person may remain secluded in their own little world … But, it is disturbing to see what other countries and cultures think and DO!

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