Son has a question. 

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About events in the news recently,  Son and his friends have a good question.  They’re all  self-supporting, self-sufficient,  intelligent,  and analytical — and they’ve inherited the kind of society  that we’ve allowed.

So Son presented this to me today:

A Hispanic guy shoots and kills a black guy.

A jury of six women find the Hispanic guy not guilty.

So now black guys are mad at  ……  white guys.


puppy friends

Please explain to us!

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  1. Jon Says:

    It’s all another ruse to stop the use of the Castle law, which entitles us to use force to protect ourselves and our families. Of course you know that gun ownership has to go, just like the commies in previous wars did. They have to disarm all who might resist them, so that they can rule us completely. The only ‘justice’ these people want it how they wanted it called. And then, when B.O. sounded in, it now opens the door for others to complain about everything. And I bet most of them have their hands out for assistance. Just sayin’ Jon

  2. Yes. In addition, they are deliberately and falsely telling us that this was about the Stand Your Ground laws. This case was about self-defense. If we’re confused enough we might lose both. And also if they get the country fighting about race somehow, then they can slip in those anti-gun laws. The young pups in my post ( the young men ) were wondering what this case had to do with race. Nothing, but there’s a reason the media are told to keep our attention on the race-baiters.

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