Wide open spaces!   Our planet is overwhelmingly full of wide open spaces,  undeveloped and unpopulated, and although some is jungle, mountain, desert, and swamp,  a very large part of it is, simply, arable.   Suitable for growing food and pasturing our herds.

I’ve been thinking about our country a lot lately, because I’m still putting my summer travels in an album.  I want to do a good job and tell the story right. Go To Album  jp

Wide open spaces is what I saw.   Sometimes four, five, six hours of driving before I’d come to a little town, during two and half weeks of driving!

Now, I live “east of the Mississippi,”  where it’s supposed to be more populated.    And it’s true,  there are a lot more people here, and some of them do live all crowded together.  Our nearby little city has about 500,000 people in its “greater” area.  Of course, I grew up in a giant city of, maybe six million at the time,  more now,  but these vast empty lands I saw still really exist.

Sometimes I think, “What if I lived out there in the wide open spaces?”

And then I had to pay my land taxes.   Property taxes we call them around here.   So I got in my car with my tax bill, drove up the street, and turned a corner:


Then I followed the road to our township office:

SAMSUNGI was thinking about what it would be like to have to go to work every day – to your office out here!   No traffic jams!   No long red lights!   No bumper to bumper. . . .


Just a few miles,  past pleasant homes….it wasn’t far.

Then the “big” building up ahead –


A busy little office there, ready to take my money.   They were relaxed and friendly.  I wished for everyone, right then,  a pleasant drive to work and an unhurried, pleasant office to work in.   And I felt happy because I DO live in the middle of “wide open spaces.”

But I came home a little bothered, because I am haunted by another trip Hubbie and I took once.    We stopped off here:

Guidestones and KrisIt’s in Georgia.   It really exists.  I’ve written about them before,   the eerie, super-quiet feeling that surrounds the place.   Out in the middle of “nowhere,”  – or “wide open spaces,” as I like to say.   They’re the Georgia Guidestones, and ironically they scold us for their imaginary idea of “overpopulation”  and they recommend that the population of earth be reduced to five hundred million people.

There are a lot of other menacing ideas carved into these stones. . . .

Five hundred million people.   I wonder what they intend for the other six-and-a-half Billion of us?

Silence surrounding the Stones.   Silence from the six-and-a-half billion.   Silence of the Lambs?


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