It was 60 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon here in the Far North – and it felt wonderful!    I spent most of the day outdoors, doing necessary maintenance work  with shovel, hoe, rake, and sledge hammer — with a little help from Son.   It was a good day for work, and I felt strong and healthy in the cool weather.

Which reminded me of the world “out there” and of the fact that  the consequences of that one Tuesday,  11-06-12, are still unfolding on us, consequences that were chosen by many of my friends on that day.

Storm over earth

I think a lot about many of my friends who long ago were told to defy conventional, traditional wisdom – and they believed.   They were told to protest “war” – and they believed.   They were told to give up their femininity and to adopt femin-izm – and they believed.   They were told that society has no right to restrict sex, drugs, and rock n roll – and they believed.    They were told religion is no longer relevant – and they believed that too!

And with enough of these “believers” our culture was destroyed so that it could become changed (or “transformed,” as they like to say now).    My friends have had their logical and analytical questioning diminished;  they’ve had their divorces and blended families and other people raising their own children;  they’ve had their STDs, their health ruined, their consciences wounded, their religious faith confused, and their artistic tastes corrupted.

They’re not happy and they’re not healthy, but they were told that Big Brother would take care of their safety and their health care – and they believed.

And they voted that way on 11-06-12.

Ironically, just when they will need health care the most,  they  voted to have it restricted and costly and rationed and no longer available to them because they are too sick and too old.

Now I wonder,  at what point will they come to “believe” they did it to themselves.

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