(13th SUNDAY p.p.) PLEASURES! Celestial and Terrestrial

Live deliberately !   Go ahead, make your day!   Or, as the Romans used to say:  Fit via vi !!!!

11 gloriesToday is Sunday and it’s a good day to practice such things.   I did the first and foremost important duty of a created being:  gave honor and worship to the Creator.   The Celestial Pleasures were not my goal,  but He was there…..  Oh, my,  He was….

And because, in Christendom,  we are taught that this is also a day for rest, renewal, and re-creation, I deliberately chose to enjoy some terrestrial pleasures too.   After all, they are a “pledge and a promise” of our everlasting Rest.

(I am a teacher.  I write this by way of example only.  You fill in the blanks with your own – licit – pleasures.)  I chose some rather ordinary pleasures today:

Bison burgers!


Burger.    I live alone, after all.

And vegetables!   (For the burger, of course.)


Dining outdoors in the company of many little hummingbirds and my growing tomatoes, the deer, the herons, the  fat little brown animals that rummage among the weeds. . . .


Then the pleasure of a little healthy competition:


That’s Jimmy Johnson in  there, #48.

Here’s the track today,   right in our backyard, almost, and where Son and his friend enjoyed a day in the sun – and the noise of roaring motors.


A little Rollerblading,   a little reading,   and a little herb gardening.  (I don’t know how to grow herbs, but I put them where I wanted them, and they seemed to know what to do next.)


There you go.   It’s not so hard to be grateful to God for little pleasures.

Now you go and make Sundays special days.  Fit via vi !

11 glories

And now, there’s still a little time left for this Sunday.   There is time for me to return to my “celestial pleasures,”  more time with the Creator.    From today’s Offertory prayer:   “In thee, O Lord, have I hoped.  I said,  Thou art my God, my times are in thy hands.”  

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