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2 masters mural

A master is a master because he is the driving force of your life.   And there is room for only one driving force;  your inner “steering wheel” can take you in only one direction at a time. 

On this 14th Sunday after we celebrated Pentecost,  the teaching today is that we can’t serve Two Masters;  we can’t serve God and serve material benefits (mammon) at the same time.   We’ll either disregard the one and pay attention to the other, or we’ll pay attention to the one and disregard the other.  

2 masters jesus fr

And yet, oddly enough, while at first glance (at first hearing this) we may think the goals of the two masters are mutually exclusive,  in reality,  Christ tells us that if we sincerely, honestly choose the right one,  all the benefits we seek in the other master will be “added onto you.”

It works because of this:    God created us.   He knows our “operating manual” – the one for our very own “serial number.”    If we choose Him and all His ways,  then, knowing full well what is best for us,  He adds on to us all those other things of the material world.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.”

In technical terms:   First install God in your life;  then He gives you a whole bunch of add-ons.

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