SUN (Moon Stars)

“Let there be lights made in the heavens, to divide the day and the night, and let them be for signs, and  for seasons and for days and for years.”

How about a little science today?   (Actual science.)

Beautiful, isn’t it.


Our sun is an active electric ball of plasma gases, perhaps a little fusion going on at its center, and sometimes throwing off bursts of superheated matter in arcs and rings and blowouts of charged matter that eventually affect us here.

Here’s one filament arc that was seen recently.


It may affect us a little bit in a day or two, distorting and “exciting” our ionosphere.   I live too far south from the pole to see any aurora that could occur, but my shortwave or AM radio may pick up a little sizzling or static.

It seems like a lot of activity,  but in reality the sun is well into its 206-year cycle of less activity and decreasing energy output   Solar scientists  met recently, this year in Florida to discuss and pronounce what the effect would be on the people of this earth.  There is another cycle going on too, something like a 65 or 61 years of up and down activity, and it seems that the timing is going to magnify this current 206-year cycle.

Their meeting was called:  Causes and Consequences of the Extended Solar Minimum Between Solar Cycles 23 and 24.

The sun began this cycle about 15 years ago.  It will result in colder average global temperatures which we’re already able to measure.  The weather will become increasingly cooler and wetter.  There will be crop failures (hunger and famine), southward migration (in the northern hemisphere) of land and ocean creatures, and, as already is occurring,  increasing size and extent of glaciers, perhaps blocking shipping routes.

Earthquakes and volcanoes will increase, although scientists don’t know quite why this happens as this cycle proceeds.    We can see some of the effects now, as the new volcanic activity and superhot geysers under the Arctic Ocean warm up the waters and melt some of the ice – regionally.

Overall, the effect on ocean waters of the cooling phase of this 206-year cycle is to contract the waters, resulting in a drop of ocean levels.   Scientists estimate 7 or 8 inches lower.  I don’t know what effect that will have on us.

Our sun, a star, and all the other “celestial bodies”  have cycles like this, regular and predictable.   We can tell time by their cycles and navigate  our way home by their positions.

In the early middle ages, the monks and priests of the Church believed in the existence of regular, predictable, and discoverable natural laws,  and, encouraged by the Church and studying ancient Greek manuscripts, they worked with the theory that the earth revolved around the sun. By the time of Copernicus,  mathematics had advanced to the point where he could describe the movements with numbers and equations.   Only he didn’t, accurately,  because he hypothesized concentric orbits of the planets….

If only he had some of the instruments we have today!   How accurate he would have been!  Today we have good instruments, and now we know why the climate is going to change.

“Let there be lights made in the heavens, to divide the day and the night, and let them be for signs, and  for seasons and for days and for years.”    (Genesis 1:14)

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