MARS – Sun Moon Stars….Mars

Looks like I should add one more celestial body this week.

mars pl

I’ve always thought the planet Mars is beautiful.   I loved looking at pictures of Mars in my Dad’s Percival Lowell books when I was a little girl.    When I got my own telescope and actually focused it on Mars, it was about as exciting an experience as I’ve ever had.  The “real” Mars,  right smack in front of my eyes –  I could even see the ice caps.

For reasons I don’t understand,  Mars has been associated with the god of war.   Oh, I’ve heard many, many explanations of the origin of this association,  but I don’t really accept any of them, no more than I’d accept that the god of my ancestors,  Thor,  actually threw thunderbolts at his enemies.

Nevertheless –

mars godMars is the god of war, in human legends.

And there is war in human history.

And we might as well speak metaphorically about the god of war rising again to influence our Rulers, right up to this present day.    Current events.    I can hear the voice of Mars speaking through American mainstream media outlets.    I can find no one who wants a war, not even a missile strike against Syria.   I can find no one who thinks the president of that country is responsible for using the chemical weapons against his own people.

I can find no one, that is,  except in the American mainstream media.    And they have found a few of our Rulers, a few associated in government with our Rulers,  just a very few who speak with the voice of Mars.

Mars is a very powerful god indeed.

I have more to say if we actually strike another sovereign country with our missiles.  Maybe “we” won’t.    But right now,  it’s probably good to remember that Mars is never far away from us, and so we’d better learn all the ways he has caused us to go to war in the past, and all the reasons why war – except for actual physical self-defense – is a human evil to be avoided.

And if we don’t learn, and act,  well, you know what happens to people when they forget their history lessons.

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