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September 2, 2013

“Follies” – trifling entertainment meant to amuse.

Labor Day Follies.   It’s become an annual event, and I’m going to choose just to laugh this year.   I know there are serious underlying issues here, symptoms of the deliberate collapse of a civilization and all the attendant confusion and  tragedies and injuries and death,  but, as a society self-destructs,  there are also absurdities and paradoxes and . . . whatever –

The Arrivals.   They come in their vehicles:

1 they're arriving  bj

Woodstock + Saturnalia    More than 61,000 gather to watch.

2 they;re watching  bj

Here he is!   He is . . . present!

3   He ... is bj


And this guy.   He. . . uh… he. . .um –

4  He . .. um bjOh, well.

At any time, mankind hangs on by a thread to civilization that barely holds back the animal-like barbarism that this  fallen world defaults back to periodically.

Once our present civilization fully collapses,  there will be generations, centuries perhaps, of bloodshed, violence, fear, and fortress living.  Oh, yes – and  superstition.  Superstition fueled by evil and the lust for power and the belief in supernatural entities which must be honored…and (much worse)  appeased.

GK Chesterton and many of the literary writers at the beginning of the 20th century understood full well that they were observing the deliberate undermining of our civilization. Chesterton wrote that when a man   ceases to believe in God,  he doesn’t just believe in nothing;  he will believe anything.    Decades later it comes true, giving us a momentary smile.

5 largest permitted event

This was the largest permitted event in the United States.


Labor Day.    Jesus, Salvator mundi,   says:     “Labor Not For The Meat Which Perishes…” (John 6:27)