Got one?  An “escape hatch,”  that is.   Got a plan?   Ha!   This is another posting with a smile,  like yesterday’s Labor Day Follies.  Not a wry smile and shake of your head like yesterday,  but a fond, nostalgic smile. . .

A rather unattractive photo from earlier today:


I was doing errands, odds and ends,  keeping busy with my little to-do list – and fussing with my “new car” which is not so new anymore.  Nevertheless, I fuss.   I was tidying up the trunk when I noticed that T-shaped glowing marking on the right-hand side.   I’d never seen it before.

I ducked down and looked up to discover what that marking said:


Little drawings!    And they were upside down!   Now, I’m not very good at three-dimensional perspectives,  but if you can just imagine, the only way that sign would make sense to you is if you were reading it from within the trunk of the car!

The trunk of the little car drawing is open, and the dotted lines show that a little man has just run out of his trunk.

A second later I was transported back to my childhood, about ten years old, sitting in the back seat of my Dad’s Nash Rambler, my parents in the front seat, listening to the radio.   We were on our way into the city, probably to an electronics parts store like “Heathkit”  — anyone remember that?   

 I was watching the beautiful patterns of headlights and taillights of the cars on the tollroad, and the beautiful lights of the city of Chicago.   Then the radio changed to “news.”   The police were announcing that they had just rescued a man who was being kidnapped.  He had been stuffed in the trunk of the bad guys’ car and he had reached into a taillight and wiggled the wires in such a way as to create an off-and-on pattern of Morse Code, which a passing patrol officer had noticed, recognized,  and read!  

Now, I was just teaching myself Morse Code at that time, and I felt an overwhelming sense of confidence that at the very least I could save myself because I knew how to tap out S.O.S.    (If I should ever find myself locked in the trunk of a moving car at night.)

I had an escape plan!!! 

And now, back to the present,  my pretty little blue car has offered me another escape plan, and I don’t even have to remember all my Morse Code!    A pleasant thought…..a small smile.

A smile and a sigh.    I don’t have to list all the things in today’s current affairs that we might wish there were an escape from.     I have my own list,  and you’re smart enough to make your own list.

The “escape hatch” probably won’t be so easy to find, though.



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