I had a visitor the other day, and I’ve been staring at his photo ever since.

Dragonfly on Screen

I was passing by this window and jumped back, in an  understandable  primeval reflex upon seeing an insect with a four-inch wide wingspan at about eye level.    Fortunately, he was outside, on the screen,  so my second reaction was to run for the camera.

I pondered first what it was.    I learned it was a dragonfly,  an insect of the order called Odonata.

I pondered his size.   When I sit outside on my deck I am regularly buzzed by bats and bumblebees,  hummingbirds and  dragonflies, but I’ve never seen one this size before.  Just an accidental landing on my screen.   But, yet, my attention is still captured by this creature.  A message?   A foreboding?   An opportunity to awaken?

Pretty fanciful for the way I usually think, but life is more than physical science of size and order and species.

I think back to the time my daughter and I enjoyed the story of a little girl who passed by a fence in a field and noticed a dragonfly was stuck on the fence, struggling to get out.

dragonfly on fence She felt sorry for the dragonfly, but it seemed so delicate that she could think of no way to help the poor thing without damaging it.  She stood by, offering encouragement and compassion as best she could, but not daring to touch.   She thought of the times in her young life when she had struggled and struggled to achieve something – and the joy at her eventual success.

After a very long time the dragonfly seemed to be coming out of its trap, and a transformation took place.   dragon silver angel

The little girl seemed to be able to see the dragonfly appearing as a little angel,  a tiny little being who looked upon her with gratitude and love.      With a tiny smile, it said,  “Thank you for the compassion you gave me.   You were saddened by my struggle yet you didn’t abandon me, and that gave me courage.  I can now go on with my mission in this world.”

And then the little girl’s heart opened up to the Counsel of Heaven and to the Wisdom of the Creator and understood that she cannot prevent severe trials that come to those she loves,  but that she must stand by them in love and compassion, suffering alongside.

This is the way of our existence in this Fallen World –  this is the Way of the Cross, the way that leads to Life.



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  1. I have a quick link on my iPad …check your blog frequently …tho don’t comment much ….
    This was a nice post ….

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