This is the village of Maaloula.

Village seized

It is described as “the peaceful mountain village of Maaloula, near Damascus….”    It’s been this way for thousands of years.   The inhabitants are mostly Melkite Greek Catholic and Orthodox Christians, but have historically lived peacefully alongside a Sunni Muslim minority. Some inhabitants speak Aramaic,  the language spoken by Jesus and his family and friends and disciples.

It’s been a city of peace and of refuge for a long time.  Once, about 1,900 years ago, a woman from the Middle East took a vow of chastity so that she could better concentrate on her Christian faith.   Not everyone understood.  After her vow she had to flee to avoid an arranged marriage.  She fled to this very village, and to this day they know the place where she hid. . . .  She was St. Thecla,  a convert of St. Paul.

Even today, these people have no more involvement in international politics than your own community has.   You just want to live in everyday peace.

Maaloula is in the country of Syria, which has recently been invaded by armed groups of radicalized — you know.   There are various terrorist groups that want to overthrow this country’s government.   There is fighting, bombing, and now the use of chemical weapons in Syria, although a certain “rebel” group claimed that it was an accident.

Just last week,  this peaceful village has been attacked and overpowered by these radicalized groups.   Christian homes and business have been destroyed.  Christian people are dead, wounded – and still missing.

If you look again at the photo of the village, you’ll see many “places of worship” silhouetted against the light.   Some are gone now, in smoking ruins.

I think of where I worshiped today, and I think of these, my Christian brothers and sisters.


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  1. When there is a extreamly possible and lsting solution beyound diplomacy why are we not asking for this to be done. the pope and all catholic bishops around the world MUST PERFORM THE ACT OF CONCECRATION OF RUSSIA TO THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY. THE THIRD SECRET OF FATIMA MUST BE REVEALED TO THE WORLD. NOW.EXPERTS WARNING WHOLE NATIONS. the whole wold should know this. is you do not then you are being lied to. all polotions and vatican members know. know the TRUTH AT

  2. Jon Says:

    I saw a couple of Syrian reporters the other day, and they confirmed that the ones who used the chemicals were the rebels! And, B.O. wants to help them? Also, Syria seems to be the only Arab country who isn’t killing off the Christians just of who they are. Go figure! Just sayin’. Jon

  3. Interesting to note that yesterday the news reported that Putin is “very concerned” about this village for the sake of the Christians there. America’s official voice is missing.

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