Are you keeping up with Fukushima news?     I have a link in the right-hand column to make it easier for you to find enenews, for instance.     But — it’s okay.  It’ll go on even if you’re not paying attention.

destr earth

It’s worse than we realize, and all the scientists who know some of what’s going on have no idea how to stop the meltdowns which are contaminating the earth.  More than one time I’ve heard it called “an extinction level event.”

And so, when it rains, sometimes I go out and see how much Fukushima is coming down on us.  I have a wet deck.   I have vegetables and herbs growing on my deck.   And I have a Geiger counter  (radiation detector).

Normal background Counts Per Minute is 20 – 30.   I tested my own living room.


Then I went outside, in the rain.


Speaks for itself.   And then I checked around and under my green pepper leaves.    A sideways 114 CPM.


That was a few days ago.  Some of the radiation dissipated.  It rained again today, briefly.  I forgot I had placed my newly-washed white kitchen garbage can out on the deck to dry.   It wasn’t dry anymore after the rain, so I brought it in to dry.

And thought I’d check the Counts Per Minute.


Slightly radioactive white kitchen garbage can.

Extinction Level Event,  eventually,   just not as fast as a giant asteroid.

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