Cooper was here for several days, and now the house feels a little “down” – missing him already.  As I clean up and put things back in their place,  I notice a lot of other things that are “down”  – moved down the flag pole, so to speak, down to a 2 year old level.

The refrigerator magnets migrated downwards.

And the hand towel had been placed at “half-staff”  too:

SAMSUNGCooper said, with great delight:   “Look!  The towel is by my knees!!!”    He seemed to really appreciate things that were his size or down at his level.

It’s because, as an only child,  he doesn’t really realize that he doesn’t always have to perform like a grown-up.   His vacation began at “Grandma’s little airport”  and it ended there too.


He knows airports so well, I think he could have gotten himself home by himself.     He carried his boarding pass and gave it to “the man”  and then waited while Mommy did it too.


He told me he had to go through “Security” now, and waved good-bye. . .

. . . and Grandma’s heart went to half-staff then.

So I haven’t written here for almost a week.   So much to think about.  So many difficult things went on this past week in the world, in our country, in our Church. . . .exhausting to think about.   “Grandma” had a birthday;   a three-day high fever (that was me too);  a picnic at the beach;  bungee-jumping at the Mall;   train rides;  wagon-building and riding;  sandbox building and playing;  Tonka trucks and matchbox cars;  dinosaur battles;  carnival rides;   science museum;  playgrounds and shopping;  adding goldfish to the pond.    Like a big collage off the top of my head….

Fun, but exhausting,  because I’m also wondering how long will these happy days for Cooper last?  What did I hear in the news this week!   Why are these things happening in our country?  How long before enough of us step up and make this our United States of America again?    Is there anything we can do?   Will it be too late?

I can be happy  in my family.    I can be strong and optimistic.   But I can be realistic too.  We have good things,  but they seem to be flying at half-staff for now.

Sometimes Grandmas need a little time to recover, I guess.   I’ll be all right.



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