So…..last posting left things at “half-staff.”   Saying Good-Bye to your loved ones after a family vacation will do that to you.     Things are back to normal around here now.    (I’d keep the American flag at half staff, though.)

mass black preacherToday, our Friday morning class met, and it’s my duty to introduce them to the Bible Readings that they will hear on  Sunday morning, and to give them some context and understanding.   Our discussions are usually pretty lively, sometimes funny,  sometimes fearfully serious.   I always come away with some new insights and practical understanding from the group.   I hope they do too.

Just one of the verses we looked at, which some of you will hear this Sunday too,  is this:   (St. Paul says, Stir up the grace that God has given to you!)  . . .  for God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love,  and of a sound mind (sobriety;  self-control).    (II Tim. 1:6)

People who have decided to follow Christ right to the end of their lives, to the very end,  will understand this verse.   And it’s because through the Cross of Christ,  God is able to adopt us as though we were His very own sons (and daughters).   But God is not content to just merely adopt us and be our Father,  He also wants us to be able to share in His own Divine nature, to share in His Life and His joy and His love.

So he gives grace to our souls in such a way as to change us – from within!   It’s His power and love and intellectual sobriety (common sense, if you will)  that we have at our disposal.

No need to be overcome with worry, nervousness, or “fear.

Which brings us to the current events of the day and the ongoing attacks of our Rulers against the Christians in this country.   I’m frequently coming across the sentence, the idea,  that the “administration”  wants to inflict as much personal pain as possible during this so-called very partial Shutdown of the “government.”

If they don’t get all the money they want,  they’re going to make us pay.   And now they’re making the military pay.

mass blessing

Catholic priests are  now NOT allowed to come onto military bases and give spiritual aid and counsel to the Catholic soldiers.

Now, even if you think a case can be made that it costs money to allow a priest to do his work,   these priests are willing to volunteer their time.   And they’re not even allowed on base to volunteer during this little Shutdown.    They can’t even work for free.   (Too many sources to link to;  you can use a Search engine if you want more info.)

Sunday might become a problem.

mass on field

I realize that’s a photo of Mass for our soldiers out on the field,   but a Catholic must attend Mass on Sunday – wherever he is.

Surely the ones who fight and maybe give their lives so we can have freedoms,  freedom to practice a religion if we want to,  freedom of conscience,  ought to be able to enjoy these freedoms too!

Today,  they do their duty to protect our freedoms and our Rulers take some of those very freedoms away from them.

Now we know that the Roman Empire did not give Christian soldiers any right of religious freedom.  And we know the Soviet Union did not.    Somehow,  God watched over His adopted sons in those places, and history marched on,  but my heart and prayers go out to the suffering endured in the meantime.

And I wish they could hear the Readings on Sunday.   Have courage.   It’s not your fault.   God has given you,, inside, a spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind.     If you cannot go to Mass,  if no one rises up to help,  God is still working in you to make you holy, like He is.

Priests – threatened with arrest if you step onto a military base –  take courage!      You know the other Reading from Habaccuc –   God hears!  and He will act in His own good time.

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