They think they own  the planet:  the ocean and the canyon!!   A large patch of ocean and what used to be our Grand Canyon!!!

Our Rulers say we can’t go there anymore —  because we won’t give them money for their “Health”  CONTROL  law.

1,100 square miles of ocean off the shore of  Florida is off-limits to us now.   And the Grand Canyon must belong to them too, because they won’t let us go there either.   And it’s costing them a lot of money, a lot of personnel, a lot of resources to keep us out….   It will cost more to keep us out than it would to let us visit those places.

If we don’t consent to be CONTROLLED  in the name of health-delivery,  then we will be boxed in more and more, until….   Well, what do those Park Rangers say, the ones who are ordered to obey these Rulers?

Quote:  . . . .  according to an anonymous Park Service Ranger, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

Um….if  what you’re doing is disgusting,  distasteful,  so anti-American,  then why are you doing it?  Oh, yes.    You will lose your job.  You’ll lose your salary, your pension,  your health insurance;  you’ll have to pay big fines,  and your life will be pretty much over.

They “got” us.

Is it true nobody can do nothing?

Probably.     So I’m not going to  write about our present day Rulers anymore…  Just maybe warn you about some things   (deleted)

And that’s a heartbreaker.

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