Dragon Red fl  “Here be dragons” – famous quotation from books and movies.

“Dragons”  –  age-old enemy of the human race in literature and legends.

“The Red Dragon” –  Image of the great Enemy of God in the last book of the Bible.

I intended to call this posting “Herein Lies Danger,”  but I’m rather fond of the concept of dragons, and they’re a much more dramatic way to indicate lurking danger.   We will be “gobbled up” if we’re not careful.

The Spruce Tunnel is going to move from Politics in Particular to Politics in General  to Politics in the Past.

Politics in General, today.    It began with Hobbes and Locke for us, and culminated in the making of our very own nation.

SigningWe really do  did have a wonderful country with some important political concepts that endeavored to give all citizens equal rights before the law.   The idea was to give all citizens the opportunity to vote for representatives who would then propose and debate and vote and reconsider and vote again to give us good laws.

But there was a fatal flaw, a dangerous misconception included in those early politics, and that was the concept that the authority of government arises from the people, from the citizens.  Sounds like a great idea:    the government governs by the consent of the governed.   But this concept had been tried before (Ancient Athens, for example;  Ancient Rome) and it had always descended into a tyranny within 200 years.

(We hope to be “different” somehow.)

Examine the concept, though:  that authority to govern arises from the people.   You have two elements:   the government entity, or the state;  and the people.

There is nothing in between.   There is no higher standard nor any higher authority than “the people”  who have handed over their authority to “the government.

What should be the higher authority?

I was thinking about this when I was observing how uncomfortable, how outraged we are sometimes when we hear about our politicians lying to us or cheating or using their authority to deliberately hurt others or using their position in government to get out from under the laws that they created for the rest of us.  On and on it goes,  dismay every time we hear the “news”  reports.

Why are we so uncomfortable?    Our Founding Fathers knew why and stated it in so many words, that this Republic can exist only when its citizens are good and upright and moral and honest, gentle and kind.

In all of Christendom, in the Western Civilization of previous centuries,  both king and people were subject to the same moral authority, presented to everyone and taught by the Church.

emp karlI could offer you many names of past kings and queens who ruled their countries well, in humility and service, subject to the same moral standards that all citizens should subject themselves to.   Many of these kings and queens are now saints, recognized for their “heroic” sanctity and goodness.  Their countries prospered and advanced under their rules.

But I offer instead the man in this photo:  Emperor Karl of Austria of the Twentieth Century.  Christian Soldier and Catholic Monarch.   You can read about him at this link,  and it is one of many sources of information about him.   You would be astonished at how morally upright and good and virtuous a leader could be.

What is this Dragon ambushing our own United States right now?   It is the Dragon that is tearing down our moral fiber, our moral courage, and our moral authority.

There is nothing that stands between us and an increasingly fearsome governing power.

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2 Comments on ““HERE BE DRAGONS””

  1. Woodlawn Says:

    Thank you for mentioning Bl. Karl and holding him up as an example for our time.

    You and your readers my be interested in the Third Annual Traditional Latin Mass, Luncheon & Conference in honor of Bl. Karl on Sunday, 6 April 2014, at St. Titus Church in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

    All the details and reservation info can be found here:

    Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus Woodlawn Council 2161 Traditional Latin Mass Guild.

    • Thank you for your comment. So good to know Blessed Karl is being honored. I will spread the word around here and most likely blog out information about this Conference! May he look down upon us with compassion, and intercede for our world.

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