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Christopher Columbus was a hero of Western Civilization.   Is.   It’s Western Civilization that’s fast becoming a “was.” 

Some years ago I was honored to read the words that Columbus wrote in his ships logs.  That’s where I came to know the thinking of the man.   My son, then, knowing my respect for Columbus, gave me this beautiful commemorative book.


Inside there are the usual markers that we give to acknowledged heroes.


It is necessary for socialist victory to tear down the heroes of Western Civilization, and for fifty years I have actually watched this process.  Today socialism in this country is so prevalent that it seems “invisible”  and hard to recognize.  Nevertheless,  it exists and it is the all-pervasive dogma of today.

So it is difficult to simply talk about Christopher Columbus without having to dodge the accompanying echoes of character assassination.  I’m getting weary of easily refuted lies, and I don’t want to “play” the game anymore with indoctrinated people.    They can read ship logs and biographies and real histories and refute themselves if they want to!

  However, after that rather grumpy paragraph,  I just want to bring out two undisputable dates associated with this man.

 col santa maria

1492, of course. We all know he sailed in order to find a new trade route to the Indies.   We all know that long before Western Civilization, other cultures had sailed to what would some day be called the Americas.   Of course, he was not the “first” to “discover”  these continents.   But for Western Civilization it was important, by 1492 to discover a way to be able to continue trading with the East.

The reason for 1492 was 1453!

And why?   Because in 1453,  the Ottoman Turks, the Muslims, conquered so much territory that they were able to cut off the trade routes that had been established between Europe and the East.

Europe itself barely held on to its own territory during these next two centuries in the face of Muslim military advance, but it was clear  during Columbus’s time that an alternative route to the East had to be found.

Now, no one in 1492 believed that the earth was “flat”  and that they’d fall off the edge of the earth if they sailed too far.   Christian Europe knew very well that the earth was a globe,  from the time of the Middle Ages.  There were far more realistic unknowns that faced sailors who were planning to travel further westward than their usual routes.  

It is here where we call for courage, intelligence, determination,  confidence, faith, and trust in the Providence of God.

Qualities which characterize heroes of  Christendom.



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