I’m doing another Tribute to Tuesday anyway.      That’s Tuesday,  11-06-12.    Hats off to our clever conquerors that day.

Catholics are a significant minority in the United States.   The “person” our Rulers placed into our  wh-   it –  e   ho – use  has declared war on Catholics in this country, carried out by his most faithful followers.

Because of a “lack of money”  they have closed public and private tourist places (illegal)  and have closed Veterans Memorials to veterans  (immoral and illegal)  and they have prevented Catholic priests from saying Mass in the Army and now the Navy!    They have locked up the chapels, locking the Holy Sacrament and Catholic  property inside.   300 families in one area are without Sunday services,  marriage preparation, and catechism classes.

No Sunday Mass is a very serious thing for a Catholic.

“Lack of money” ?   Our Rulers won’t even allow the priests to work voluntarily, at no cost to anyone.

“Lack of money” ?    Protestants people are allowed to hold their services in the same chapels that are off limits to Catholics.

“Lack of money” ?   There is enough money TO PAY THE CADDY THAT SERVICES THE CAMP DAVID GOLF COURSE.

Maybe the caddy isn’t Catholic.


If America doesn’t protect the freedom of religious expression for everyone,  then it isn’t America anymore, and the Constitution has been abrogated.  



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