There was a reason to be unhappy this weekend too.    It wasn’t the rain;  it wasn’t the hail.   It’s what came down in the rain and the hail — and we all have a reason to be unhappy. . .

During the football game, Son noticed it was raining hard.   So I jumped up and said,  “Hey!  We can measure that!”    I ran to get my Inspector General,  ran outside onto the deck, and Son and I watched as the Counts Per Minute increased dramatically.   He held the detector,  I took the pictures.


That’s about what you want to see.


We never saw 30.

The device is measuring beta radiation in Counts Per Minute.   Normal background radiation around here is 20 – 30.    On a sunny day, my deck near the plants is around 32, a little more, a little less.

SAMSUNG 184,  going up to  192.  The danger alarm had long since sounded out its warning.

We were out in the rain and the hail.


209 CPM.     I’ve never seen a rainstorm that made the Counts go up this high.   The beta radiation being measured is probably Cesium-131….perhaps some other isotopes of Cesium too.    This rainstorm carried radiation from Fukushima to us and is probably high because of the their recent cyclones (hurricanes)   which caused massive amounts of radioactive water and dirt to be taken up into the atmosphere  and then carried over here by the jet stream.

It’s not only Cesium from the jet stream raining down on  us.   Strontium is entering our bones.   Various isotopes of radioactive Iodine is coming down on us.   Plutonium is up there…the killer, one particle inhaled can kill.   There is a long list of radioactive substances from Fukushima that is in our atmosphere.   Those of you who have been checking the link in the right-hand column (enenews.com)     will be aware of how much worse it has become for us since that first day of the tsunami.

Those of you who are keeping up with Fukushima news will know what a dangerous thing is being planned over there with the spent fuel rods…next week, I think.   It’s never been done before and some think the risk is so high and the consequences so fatal that they ought to not do it.


Those are the last of my cherry tomatoes trying to get ripe out on my deck.

My tomatoes.    My peppers.    My wonderful big herb garden.

I’m a little nervous about  eating anything from the deck now.

The parts of my  skin that was exposed to the rainwater became prickly after a half hour.   It occurred to me to take a shower and wash my hair.   It was a little disconcerting to feel so much better after the shower.   It means there was something on my skin that was not very good.


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