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Before we leave early Autumn altogether, I’d better post the beauties of this season.     The colors were not really brilliant this year,  but they had a kind of glory of their own.


These were taken as I drove along on my errands.      There was a lot to look at!

Today, at home,  as I was working at the table that overlooks my backyard,  I kept getting distracted by the view and by the downward motion of the leaves.


See, the colors aren’t brilliant,  but the air had a kind of yellowish glow to it which lit up this overcast day.    The leaves fell like snowflakes when the wind blew.    It’s hard to see in that photo, but a close-up helps.    The white splotches are actually yellow leaves drifting down.    Constant motion.


When I walked past another window, my eye caught on a little patch of red.


That pretty little bush is about the only red I have this year.    But before I could admire it for too long, I saw the pond.   Much of that “constant motion”   has landed in the water.    I’m going to have to figure out a way to rake my pond!

Which reminded me of the work possibly waiting for me in the front yard…..


Yep.    “Constant motion” out there too.

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