(Mixed:  young people read the first part,  grown-ups consider the rest.   My day to vent, with you.)

We have snow today,  but here is one last Glory Picture of Autumn. SAMSUNG

I worked hard to get rid of the leaves . . .

SAMSUNG . . . but you see the black brace on my hand.    Little bones still slightly broken — and that makes it hard to get the job done — left hand, right wrist!


So here is our snowfall yesterday, all soft and blurry –


You can (almost) see the row of green bushes along the creek.  Green!   All the other trees are brown or yellow, as expected,  but we have more green leaves on trees than ever before.   It’s like we have three seasons at once.

This morning showed the same thing,  a little covering of snow over a thick layer of leaves under  an apple tree with green leaves. SAMSUNG Mixed signals.

It’s Tuesday.  The day I pay “tribute”  to the Victors.   11-06-12 sealed the deal.   I know they feel victorious because they aren’t even hiding anymore….no more need for stealth or subterfuge.  No need to cover their deceit.   No need to answer our questions.    No need to cloak their hatred of the United States of America — or of us, the citizens, who are being treated as  “subjects.”

The green leaves, fallen leaves, and snow keep me thinking about the politics of it all.    So clever to keep us mixed and confused,  because then we can’t think it’s “really that bad.”

So, first, the letters S  and H and then D,  in reverse order.   It’s not a real  D “department” in our government because 40% of “department heads”  are not there.  Do not exist.  There is no one in managerial postions in this fake department.  So who is managing this whole scheme?   Let’s make it clearer.     And, as I’ve written before,  America is not and never was understood to be an H  “homeland.”   We are the country people left their homeland for.    This is not Das Vaterland.   Whose idea is being imposed on us?

And it’s not about the S.   It’s about Control.    And arming our local police departments with military tactics and training, heavy artillery, tanks, weapons of mass control. . .    Children,  these are not the friendly neighborhood Men in Blue who will help you find your way home if you’re lost.   There is no Security here, when. . .   well,  you have been reading about the dreadful traffic stops, haven’t you?

This phantom department was created with the help of the head of the East German STASI.  Anyone remember who that is?   Your papers please.

Mixed Signals.

The Health Control Bill.    It’s not about “health,” of course, because there will be much less health care delivery.    It’s not “affordable” – to anyone — but that’s all right because the idea was if YOU can’t afford it, the rest of us will be forced to help you pay for yours — even if you choose not to have it. This is a massive transfer of the money in our bank accounts, the money we each earn,  into the hands of Big Brother,  putting it nicely.     Socialism through ownership of the medical field.

It’s not a law, it’s not an “act of Congress,” it’s a bill – a “bill of goods”   imposed upon an unwilling population.   The half-billion dollar non-working Website  that we paid for is irrelevant.

And to repeat –  it’s not about “health” — it’s about Control.   There are provisions to manufacture a biometric RFID chip to be used on every US citizen.  Eminiently hackable, of course.

Mixed Signals.

Undocumented Immmgrants who are here illegally.  We are supposed to allow them into our country as though they had not broken any laws;   as though we can afford to take care of them, even though we are overspent and bankrupt;   as though we can afford to lose the jobs foreign citizens will take from us;   as though our own country matters less than the votes they bring to the Ruling Class.

But again – it’s not about these “poor people”   who are seeking our succor,  it’s – again – about control.   Tucked into the Immigration “reform”   bill, is a provision for a mandatory biometric I.D. for EVERY United States citizen.  I guess they’ll just have to “pass the bill so we can see what’s in it” — and see the full ugly effects of a country of “free” citizens having to show papers everywhere we go.

Mixed signals.

Television programming is meant to demoralize our nation,  degrade our morals, and corrupt our manners –  We become, then, paralyzed.     Orestes Bronson,   Alexander de Tocqueville, and many of our Founding Fathers stated, warned us,  that we will be a free people only as long as we are a good people.   Do you turn on your TV and internalize these “mixed signals”?

I began with a posting of one last glory photo of this autumn.   I end with …  Old Glory.

Flag Old Glory with Storm Old Glory in a cloudy sky.

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