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So how was that “shockingly expensive”  turkey that I wrote about last time?   It was good:  delicious, and it didn’t upset our digestive tracts, as other turkeys do.  So we can face all the leftovers with confidence…and those good leftovers allow that Day to linger on….

We did the ordinary things on Thanksgiving Day, with additionally, for Son and me, we “remembered”  — all day we remembered what we were doing three years ago:  the five-hour ambulance ride home with Hubbie from his long hospital stay; a wonderful young lady-friend who unlocked the house for the Hospice people to come in, helped them move furniture, set up the hospital bed so all would be ready for our arrival….and later she so kindly provided a little Thanksgiving meal for us, slipping quietly into the background because she knew “we’d want to be alone…”

And then that next – surprising – day when Hubbie slipped away.

When the Head of the Household is stripped from the family,  then those who are left are left to be themselves, as individuals,  with no Head to revolve around.

We are, now, who we are, by ourselves.   We are what we are.    We are what we do with what we’ve been given.

And, oh,  how much we have been given.   So we come full circle back to this Thanksgiving Day, too.

I randomly came across a Thanksgiving message from Archbishop Chaput.   He pointed out that when you truly feel grateful,  when you truly give thanks,  you are acknowledging your dependence upon the One God who is there, and Who permits good things.

Okay, just one little picture. praying man silhouette

We often see stereotypical little scenes of people around the Thanksgiving table, saying out loud what they are thankful for.  It’s usually:  I’m thankful for… my family … my country .. my health …  my food ….

All permitted for us — all given to us — by the Good God.

Don’t waste this weekend!!   And leftovers help the meaning to linger on…..

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  1. Sorta off the subject… I remember your “dead turkey soup” …?

  2. Ha Ha — Oh, yeah! (Tastes better than it sounds). Soupin’ up the dead turkey tomorrow!

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