I promise to write about Advent in a few hours….what can be more vital?

But for now…let me just mourn awhile.   How painful. . .

bear dead

. . . this intense afternoon of prolonged tension, of high hopes, hopes dashed, surprising misses,  unexpected calls – things the referees see that no one else saw….

Life – ugh.   You think you’re doing all right,  you think you did okay — and then someone points out something you missed and before you know it — the ball is taken away from you.

I knowIknowIknowIknow….   St. Francis de Borgia,  the saint who has his heavy hand on my shoulder,  caring that I don’t stray too far.   In his youth he really loved his country’s 16th century version of football.    And he tells us the reason that he gave up attending football games:     As he matured, he understood there was a bigger prize, a bigger game to win,  and he turned his attention to the Only Game In Town, and away from the lesser games.

And what did it matter in the end?  Does anyone in his country, today,  even remember the names of the teams that played in his century?    Do we even know which team was his favorite?

bear losing

Does it even matter?

We must not let the ball be taken away from us.

I suppose.

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2 Comments on “NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO”

  1. Christopher Says:

    Sorry… at least they aren’t as disappointing year in and year out as my Redskins have been since 1992… or ARE they? LOL

  2. Well. . . there might be something to be said about “loyalty,” right? Something good?

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