Before I go to bed tonight,  I want to lay out my bewilderment in The Spruce Tunnel.

United States  #1 –   Major newspapers and news magazines published stories of racial wars  stirred up by the global world socialists,  usually in the form of communist-inspired violence.     The violence,  tortures, rapes, and murder were condemned.   The United Nations called a certain leader of this violence – and his wife – a terrorist, and their organization, the “African National Congress,” was named a terrorist organization.

That leader was put in prison, although his wife,  “Winnie,”   carried on the work, becoming known for  her special favorite method of torture,  the infamous “necklacing.”    I remember seeing, in a major news magazine  (Life?   Look?)  a photograph of a young teenage boy, hands tied behind his back, and an auto  tire filled with gasoline placed around his neck – and then lit on fire.   There were photographs of the bodies of others who had been victims of this.   I’m still sick when I remember. . .   It is said that “Winnie”  not only gave the orders but showed up and watched many of these horrific torture and murder sessions.

This couple was responsible for much of the murderous social chaos that lasted for many years, all in the name of “liberation.”    Hatred, they preached!   Hatred for our oppressors…etc., etc.      Black against white.   Female against male.   Poor against rich.    It is the way the socialists (or now the tamer “progressives”)   advanced their cause.

United States #2 –    I hear on the news tonight that this old man has died.   The same murderous communist-backed socialist whose organization was declared outlaw has now died.

And he is being called a hero.

Is it that our Rulers think The End Justifies the Means?     Is it that when you get very old and very sick you are forgiven everything?

Who changed the story?    Who is holding up these two as though they were role models for our children in school?   How do you think the families of the victims feel?

Perhaps propaganda trumps decency.

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