(Cognitive Dissonance in the midst of the Revolution.)

History can be made

History can be made up.   As it’s made up,  the Story develops.  

Any narrative that enhances the Story is “programmed” into the communication system of the nation.  Objecting to that Story, then, is like touching the proverbial Third Rail.    

The Story is built up to enhance the Revolution.   Wherever the Revolution  advances,  the story is told and the “Transformation” of the people can occur.    (Everything for the “People.”)

The Revolution wins and takes on power and might, and Might makes Right. so no wonder whenever they take over a country the doctors and lawyers and engineers and scientists and  teachers and military officers are purged.    The educated and the older ones were witnesses to what really happened.

For the next few days we can watch the frenzy of revolutionary fervor unfold before our eyes.   Watch the self-conscious emotional pageantry presented to the world.   

Watch the honors we rightfully give to George Washington be extended over to a man who managed to stay in office for a long time.    All fathers of their countries are not alike. . . but then that’s nearing that Third Rail.

The Spruce Tunnel will not go there.

Truth is not alive and well  and we have a Story to learn and we have some mourning to do.


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