“Life” intervened these past few days,  and so I left The Spruce Tunnel with a thought hanging:  Maybe I should delete those last two postings about the death of Nelson Mandela,  I didn’t like them because I felt so out of step with what I was hearing on the “news” media.   but I had to leave for my class and didn’t have time to hit the delete button.

Well, during that day and later on I  learned that “real people” have thoughts that are independent  and quite different from what is broadcast on the media, and that was comforting.   In fact,  over the next few days I learned more about this man’s life and the troubling difficulties he represents.

I came to learn something.    Nelson Mandela and his A.N.C.  leaves the country of South Africa  in much worse condition than the people were under the system of apartheid.   Humanly speaking, the statistics are dire.   25% of children under six years old show clinical signs of malnutrition, for one example, far more than before Mandela’s reign.   If you’re really interested you can find more statistics like that across the board:  healthcare delivery,  unemployment,  cost of living, racism which is measurably worse. . . .

But I thought it can’t be just a struggle between the evils of apartheid on the one hand and, on the other hand, the evils committed by a communist-backed king of a large African tribe who learned the rhetoric of “reconciliation” after being “changed”  by long years of imprisonment.

It turned out to be more than that.   I heard South Africans interviewed.   I read political analysts.   I read some history.    The common complaint, the common source of South Africa’s downfall in the last twenty years is the takeover by the multinational globalist corporation/bankers.   Policies which help the globalists have been imposed on South Africans, in spite of their wishes as expressed in polls,  letters, demonstrations,  political action. . . .  It doesn’t matter.  With the help of Nelson Mandela, the globalists actually own the resources, human and otherwise,  of this beautiful country, and the people of South Africa are not doing too well.

The fact that communist/socialist/progressive goals coincide with the globalists’ goals are, in the end, just that:  coincidental.

 Perhaps we need to rediscover the warning given to us by President Eisenhower as he left office, his last great speech to a country he really loved.   Perhaps we could be begin to recognize the dangers of this “military/industrial/ corporate complex”   that he spoke of.

It’s a powerful enemy.   Opposition results in “disappearance”  and death and denial of resources.

But people are catching on in small parts of the world.  The people of the Ukraine this weekend tore down the statue of V. Lenin in their central city in a massive protest demonstration.

Message to my Rulers:  I’m just a little old lady, actually sitting in a rocking chair as I write this.  I’m voiceless and harmless, and I won’t live much longer.   And I’d like to stay here in The Spruce Tunnel for a while. . . so I’ll just sit back and watch history unfold.    I won’t learn too much from South Africa.   What do I know?


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