How about a little humor on a Tuesday?   A little sassy humor.

Bears logoWe are Bears fans here in The Spruce Tunnel.   Watching the game last night gave me a huge lift to my spirits.   We had to turn the temperature down at Soldier Field for our opponents from Dallas –  7 degrees! –  but you take any advantage you can.

Which made me feel rather creative too:


That’s my laptop watching the game.    We ‘ve all read by now that the spy agencies can turn on our laptop cameras without turning on the light which tells us the camera is being used!    (Remember the 15-year-old who hacked into her classmate’s laptop,  turned on the camera and took “compromising”  pictures of her, and then told her the pictures would be posted on the ‘Web if that classmate didn’t “pay up”?)

Makes people really mad to think we can be watched in our own homes by strangers –  for purposes of giving us tailor-made advertising, of course.

So to thank them for their snooping so they can target me with useful advertising,  I thought I’d give them a little treat last night:   They can watch the Bears beat Dallas!

(I’m a little slow with the electrical tape, if you know what I mean.    “If you’re not doing anything wrong,  why worry about what our Rulers can find out about you?”)

My Tribute to Tuesdays – and the ones who told us they won the election.     —   Enjoy the Bears victory!!!

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