Thorns and Roses

I’ve seen a lot of pictures of football players with long stem roses in their mouths lately –   (see my last posting – Go Team!)      Part of me remembers that I never cut a rose from my garden without getting picked by a thorn, so I wonder:   How do our football players do it?   Do they have specially trimmed rose stems?

Roses have thorns.   Why?   Why that particular biological defense?   We are attracted to their beauty and then reminded of pain.

aug cont with We who are alive today are not the first to contemplate this frustrating mystery.     A long time ago St. Augustine said:   “God mingles bitterness with earthly pleasures that we may seek another felicity whose sweetness does not deceive.”

Felicity.   We all want a life of roses.   And so there is purpose in those thorns.

Candles 2nd week

In this second week of Advent we consider the very best that is waiting for us and the very worst that can happen.

On a very first and elementary level,  the Church tells us to prepare for the coming of the Christ Child … in the manger … innocent baby … Redeemer and Judge.

“Prepare ye the way for the Lord…”  we hear.   And “take that very personally,”  I teach my classes,  “because that Way leads right into your own heart.”

Yes, there are good and necessary things to do during Advent.   There are colorful and festive outward signs of Christmas coming, but we are reminded to be careful that our inward preparation leads us to the real Christmas, the real Christ,  who wants to give us His Joy.

This is everlasting pleasure, pleasure without bitterness,   roses without thorns.

I don’t want thorns for my family and friends.

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