It was time for the annual Christmas-Movie-Pizza-Party this week!

2 days prep;  2 days to party;  2 days recovery!    Not too many Christmas decorations were up yet;  but  the “purple”  Advent lights were ready –

Advent Lights

But then came the serious party prep.   Carefully backed in Hubbie’s car for unpacking:


The bags in the back from the grocery store  somehow had to be turned into party food (mission impossible, almost):

SAMSUNGThe place for all the meats was waiting:


The soups were all simmering:

SAMSUNG(That’s oxtail soup,  mulligatawny soup,   corn chowder,  and a good cheese soup, on its way, being made elsewhere….)   To complete the fragrances mixing in the kitchen air –  gingerbread cookies, ready to accompany the Swedish glogg –


Next the tables had to be set, one for each day:

SAMSUNGTable One set,  ready for use:

8.5 meat eatingMy countertop took a photo with me included in the picture (so here’s a very rare photo of me):

8.75 eatingTable for Party Two is set:

SAMSUNGSoup bowls, this time….notice the round of cards in the middle, for use once again.

Enjoying the soup:

SAMSUNGYou know,  the food and the table settings and such things don’t really tell the story of a party, do they?   The party is really small groups of friends, happy to be together,  knowing we all like each other, accepting all our quirky uniquenesses, eager to hear more from each other, and all looking forward to this season of celebrating the First Coming into this world of our Savior,  Jesus Christ, whom we all love and would like to please. . . .  We are in that respect like-minded and for that reason quite fond of each other.

And that makes for a happy time of peace, joy, and togetherness.

And, oh, yes,  the cards:   The cards set around the middle of the table.  a “card game” I called it.   The title of the cards is:  “500 Things To Do Before You Die.”         Draw a card – and read the suggestions on it…and share what you have and have not – yet – done!

SAMSUNGSerious discussions followed –  all of them somehow ending in laughter!    I fear more was revealed about me than I would have wished….which is probably what happened to everyone else too!

More talking, more laughter, more sharing, more togetherness, and we eventually drifted on into the television room to watch one of the best Christmas type movie there is:  the Fourth Wise Man.   Yes, it was funny (Alan Arkin and a young Martin Sheen!) – and it did start out with the journey of the Wise Men….but it was the flow of the movie as the story unfolded that revealed the true meaning of the Christ of our Christmases….He who watches what we do, in spite of ourselves.

It kept our attention –

SAMSUNGMore food and comfortable chairs created a deep state of. . . .contentment:


Lingering conversation after the movie proved the value of its message, well-received.

Time to go.   I accompanied everyone outside to their cars.   When everyone was gone, I turned around to come  back into the house – and noticed that my driveway had been widened, a bit, from two-car to three-car.

13 widened drivewayAnd so had our hearts,  I hope,  widened and broadened.

Adieu, my friends!   May God bless you all!!

“Caution”  –   Please DO try this in your own homes!

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