Like many of you, I’m sure,  I’m putting in some long, happy days, preparing for Christmas.

  • Candles 3rd week

As a matter of fact,  days here in The Spruce Tunnel have been about 18 hours long — which puts us just about at Sunday morning.    Even if the calendar says Tuesday.

So I’m  just not late in my little remark about the 3rd Sunday of Advent.

In this happy world of Christendom (which is open to all) we light three  candles all this week, the third one being pink in color; pink for rejoicing,.    Gaudete all!

In this midst of all my physical activity, my mind is busy too – and one sudden thought caught me up short.   I’m preparing my house . . . as though I’m marching on towards Bethlehem, a journey which reminds me of the Magi, their long years of study, watching, preparation, and then their journey.

Camel Magi Silhouette

I remembered John the Baptist’s words (in Readings recently) telling us to “prepare the way for the Lord, make straight his paths. . . .”   So I’m preparing inwardly too, spiritually, as best I can . . . as though I’m getting ready to come to the manger to meet my King, lying for a time as a small baby.

Manger blue silhouette

And that’s when I stopped in my tracks.     It’s not me who is “coming.”   It is He who is coming.  Coming down to us.   The plans laid from eternity, the Plan incarnated nine months previously;  it is He our King that’s coming to his first home on the earth He made.

He’s doing all the coming!   It was His initiative.   We dimly perceive what this means, so we prepare, and we eagerly await all the Joy that results from his coming . . . and we make plans to Go!   To go to his manger, to go to Him.   He’s coming;  we’re going.

We’ll meet at Bethlehem:     O “come”all ye faithful.     Gather together, then we’ll go together to worship and adore.

star falling

He is the great Light come down to mankind, to be our Light and Life.   It’s His great first Coming that we prepare for, foretold for centuries by the great prophets.

All our preparations are just fine , as long as we . . .  go, then, to Him.

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