I’m “brooding” a little tonight.   Or stuck in a thought pattern.

Pythagoras:  “We can know the world. ”  And the world can be described in terms of numbers.  Amount.    Harmony.   Proportion.  Relationship.      Intensity.     Risk….Intensity of risk.


We have a “Winter Storm Advisory” this weekend.   60% chance of sleet and icy rain on Saturday afternoon.    80% chance of icy stuff overnight, into Sunday.    60 and 80;   the numbers that will affect my decisions about driving this weekend.

But the snow and ice and cold rain produce a different set of numbers, a set of numbers that also indicate Risk.    My little grandson, Cooper, will be arriving in a couple of days, so I thought I’d check the . . . numbers for him.

I stepped a little bit out onto my deck:

SAMSUNGThat’s my Geiger counter, checking Counts Per Minute.   The snow just outside my door is about twice normal.

I walked across my deck to the railing:

SAMSUNGThe ice melting on the railing,  the snow far down below,the melted surface of the pond. . .  About three times normal CPM.    Not too good.

I came in and measured my moccasin:


I measured the sole because I know you’re not supposed to walk around the house with radiation from outdoors on your shoes, because with the type of radiation I’m measuring also comes, randomly, occasionally,  some really, really dangerous particles.

Inside the house, just to compare,  just to see if my detector was working correctly,  I took a reading near where we would be spending a lot of time –

SAMSUNGThere.   Normal.    26.    We’re okay indoors.

But the little guy likes to ski and snowshoe and he wants to go ice skating on Grandma’s pond.

SAMSUNGHow do I explain to a three-year-old that Pythagoras gave us the understanding that our world can be described in many ways,  with numbers,  and the numbers aren’t looking too good —  and Grandma has something on her mind?

On December 5th we passed the 1,oooth day after the initial  explosions at Fukushima.    At this point the ongoing nuclear  processes  increase vastly in intensity and in output of dangerous radiation, into the skies above us.    Scientifically speaking,  this increased intensity will continue for about 10,000 days, before entering another phase.

That knowledge is part of the “brooding”  I’m doing tonight.    I’m okay.   I’m just getting a new appreciation of the intensity of the troubles  that mankind can create — and the intensity of our need for that Light which we wait for during Advent.    He came,   this Light of ours, and He will come again.

Deo gratias.  Gaudete.

Got any other remedy for the sadness of human evils?


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