Really, the artist-photographer as a VERY young man!      As in:

“Grrrrma!   Can I use your phone?  I want to take some pictures. ”    

    “Yeah, sure.”      He’s been taking pictures since he was two years old, so. . . why not?       Which results in a few surprises when I turn my cell phone back on.    Like this . . .  something.   Something very pretty:


Hmmmm.    Very pretty.   Whatever that is.

And the next picture:


Well,  hmmmm.   Whatever that is.

Photos were taken from a 39-inch perspective.


Rather instructive for us big people.     It would be like being on our knees all the time.     We might feel a little differently about our world.

Little things become very, very important.   “Here!  Hold this,  Grrrrma!”   –


That was worth a picture.

And then “we” took some pictures of very important people,  like, for instance,  the very BEST part of our favorite Uncle.

SAMSUNGHe likes to play and he always smiles.   What a great Uncle!

And then there’s Grrrrrrma  in her favorite shirt:



And, finally —  the Self Portrait.   The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (with apologies to James Joyce) —

CP 1 SelfPortrait

Don’t be afraid of technology!   Go ahead.   Give your cell phone to a three-year-old.   They’ll show you their world!

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