That’s all we get.

2 degrees tonight.

Had to make a trip to the airport today.    It wasn’t a good day for driving.


I took that picture from behind the steering wheel.  That’s looking out the front windshield.    2 1/2 hours going there;  3 hours coming back.

Salt doesn’t work on the roads when it is that cold.    There were numerous accidents.   More than 20, coming and going.  Some had just happened.     People were getting out of their cars,   dazed.


When you see  “bare” pavement,  it’s even worse.   That’s where the black ice is.   Sort of like floating over the pavement, with no control.

Tomorrow, Son and I have to travel 400 miles north.    Very cold up there.   Lots of snow.

We’ve been having a difficult time in The Spruce Tunnel these past few weeks.    And now a funeral.    Hubbie’s own brother.

The roads are a life and death matter;  but now, with family,  we really have Life and Death.    Much to think about.

Deo gratias for the challenges.   This is the way we grow.


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2 Comments on “2”

  1. Francis Robertson Says:

    Kriss, This is Francis. I did not even know Ron was in hospice care until reading your message. It is nice that you are going there for the funeral. I would have liked to have been there also to see as many relatives as might be there..It is so cold here now that we are just home bound, even all the schools have been closed for Monday.so travel there really would not have been practical. The horses do keep us home and I sometimes wonder why we have them however they have sure enriched our life. I do believe it is devine providence that they are in our lives because they have changed it so much. I miss seeing all the relative there. Velga and I hope you can come visit us. Sincerely, Francis

  2. Yes, wish you were here too. Ken was so good at uniting the various parts of the family. But this was so sudden, and the weather has been horrible for everyone trying to get here. I will convey your greetings and sympathies and catch up with you on email soon.

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