It’s hard to think  (and write)  about anything else when you have this ahead of you for the day’s driving –


This was our highway,   the road ahead,  two days ago.

Apparently, as we return home,  it won’t be much different.

Thoughts on the funeral and family, etc.,  way later tonight…..when we probably make it home.

Meanwhile,  God will know where we are on the road:   Son and I, and all our many family members who set out for their homes today.

Deo gratias.

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  1. Francis Robertson Says:

    Dear Kris and John, Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you both are driving home.,may God keep his angels around you to keep you safely on the road is our prayer…we will be looking forward to how the memorialo service went..Love Velga and Francis

  2. Thanks! Seriously. We were in prayer too. I’m going to show the roads in my next posting. It was not a sure thing that we’d stay on the road, but it was a sure thing that we were in God’s hands.

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