Right in the midst of all these happy thoughts of the Light that came to enlighten the minds of men —

      Surge, illuminare, Jerusalem!!!! 

      quia venit lumen tuum  

       et ambulabunt Gentes in lumine tuo!!!

  — then I noticed it is Tuesday.

I hate to mar the celebration of this Epiphany with the thought of giving another “tribute” to Tuesday,  that infamous day of the week in which every four years, we Americans commit a further act of national self-suicide.

But we do.

But I’ll only give one small quotation here – in  tribute to our Rulers.

“Nations are born stoic and they die epicurean.   As wealth and luxury increase,  the pursuit of physical pleasure saps the vitality of the race and weakens their will to live,  or to defend themselves.”

Written by Will Durant, historian,  in “The Life of Greece.”

Hats off to our Rulers.    They understand this and are using it effectively against us.

(If we don’t know the history of Greece,  we are doomed to repeat it, to paraphrase another historian.)

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