January 6,  the day the Wise Men “get there” to the Christ Child;  the day we celebrate the Epiphany.

wise men

One day when I was little my Dad came home from work and talked about a man he worked with,  saying:  “I told him and told him and he didn’t listen.   I explained to him how it worked but he didn’t get it so he went ahead and did it his way and the whole thing broke apart in his hands and then he saw what I was trying to tell him and he had an epiphany and he finally understood what I was talking about. . . .”

That, in a nutshell, is what Epiphany is all about.

It’s more than finding out some facts.  It’s more than knowing something.   It’s understanding the manifestation of the true nature of the thing.

In this case,  January 6th,   it is the manifestation of the true nature of the Christ Child of Christmas.   The Magi from Persia had studied all the facts about the coming of the King of the Jews.    They knew that this phrase,  King of the Jews, meant a king like no other the Jews had had but was One appointed by the God of the Jews to be their Savior and Redeemer.

That’s why they had chosen their three specific gifts to give to the King.   And when they finally came before the Infant King, their knowing turned to understanding.   The true divine nature of the Child was manifested to them.     He is God the King over Jews and Gentiles, alike.

Aha!  The child before them is truly God, yet truly a human child.

The Christ, one small Child, two natures.

“And you shall call His name:  Jesus.”

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