It doesn’t go away by itself!


That’s my red shovel up on the deck railing.     My afternoon was spent shoveling about two and a half tons off my deck, the benches, the railing.    I got away with not doing it when it was so very cold around here, because that kept the air dry.    Now we are expecting warm weather,  up into the 30s, and the air will be humid and even rainy.    The snow doesn’t go away safely when it gets warm.   There will be lots of moisture for the snow to absorb, and the weight will become an issue.

But then there’s the roof.


Deep snow doesn’t go away by itself;  it compresses and forms ice.   I’ve seen more snow on our roof at other times,  but there’s enough there right now to begin forming ice dams in the eaves troughs.      And ice dams don’t stay put;  they increase in size and back up in and under the shingles,  doing their own version of de-construction.

SAMSUNG  The dark gray “snow” is actually very hard ice.  It melts from the bottom, increasing the size  and area of the ice dam as it refreezes, and producing some pretty stout icicles.      I’m trying to stay ahead of the game by attacking these baby icicles and cutting and hacking very fine channels into the ice.

Like with a butcher knife.

Not recommended.

No, the snow doesn’t go away nicely “by itself.”    It gives you lots of opportunity for some outdoor exercise.

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  1. Megan Says:

    I recommend putting ice melt in about 6″ of panty hose then tying a knot at the end. Then you lay them across the ice dams in several spots. If they melt through quickly enough you can even sometimes use them in two or three different places. Much easier and safer than chipping away with a knife :-)!

  2. What a great idea !! As I was whacking the ice dam and getting chips of ice flying into my eyes — which I had to keep open so I knew where to whack next — I kept thinking there’s got to be a better idea ! Very good. Thank you so much. I will pass this on to my dammed up friends, giving you the credit, of course. Many thanks. (Looks like our weather is offering up another opportunity for us to try this out.)

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