A day for some of those “random thoughts in the Spruce Tunnel.”

I still must be tired after the holidays.  Everything needs to be picked up, cleaned, organized, put away, put out…..and everything is looking “heavy.”     Like my dear “Heavy Metal”  in the living room:


It was fun to see the room turned into a train station with lots of trains and tracks,  “city” roadways with lots of cars and giant Tonka trucks.    But the little one has gone back to his mountain home,  and it’s time to lift everything up and make the dozen or so trips up and down the stairs and store all the vehicles away.

King Solomon tells us that there is a Time and Season for everything:


That’s the Christmas tree.   Way down there.     I got it down there.    Whew!     Its Season is over.

I uncovered some “metal” under the snow;  it was a cupcake pan put out there to cool before cleaning, but it got encased in ice, covered with snow, and forgotten.   It should have been easy to clean,  but first the 3/4 inch layer of ice had to be chipped away and then the metal pan had to be scrubbed – hard.      Whew.


The little pan felt like Heavy Metal when it was over.

I’m nearly done with all the holiday and visitor cleaning.   It feels like I could use a little “reward.”    Like maybe some  homemade butter pecan ice cream.   The metal freezer bowl is waiting in my fridge:


But that’s looking like a lot of work right now.   More “heavy metal” to work with. . . .

“I still must be tired after the holidays. . . .”




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