Yes.   Tuesday.   My day to send off a “tribute”  to our rulers who tell us they won on that infamous Tuesday,  11-06-12.

My message for this week’s tribute is:   “You are not entitled to what other people have.”   

That’s all.   Repeat twenty times    If you’re not sure of the truth of that statement,  repeat one hundred times.

Don’t worry,  it’s not a trick;   it’s not propaganda;   it’s a true statement.   The United States of America was not built upon individuals taking money from others, because we know that simple “redistribution”   diminishes everyone,  even the one who receives the unearned money.

It lowers the morale,   the dignity,   the wealth,  the character, the morality of all citizens.

“You are not entitled to what other people have.”

The end.

Unless you want a “funny”  example.    I heard a truck driver call in on an all-night radio show, telling everyone that he had had a great insurance policy.   He is 61 years old, not married,   fairly healthy, and his affordable  insurance policy worked for him.     He called in because our Rulers took it away from him.    In its place, he has to buy a more expensive (unaffordable)  policy,  one “above his budget,”  he said,   and one that doesn’t cover very many of his medical expenses.    By law, he must pay more for less.

Why did he have to lose his policy?    Because our Rulers told him his policy did not cover him for gynecological check-ups and  pregnancy.

old manSince that night on the radio I’ve heard other old men (and older women)  talking about similar reasons for losing their insurance policies.    These retired people now have to pay for pregnancy care,   birth control pills,   the elective killing of their own unborn babies,   and sterilization procedures.

old ladyThese nice little old men and ladies will never, ever ask their insurance companies to pay for such procedures.  It would be physically impossible to ever need such services.     But they’re not allowed to have affordable insurance policies that don’t provide these unneeded services.

I began to ask myself why?  Don’t our rulers know that little old men can’t have babies?   Don’t they know that little old women will never need —

Oh.   I realized they do know.    It’s not about “substandard” insurance policies.   That term is just to make us feel nice about protecting people from something that is called “substandard”  by our Rulers’ definitions.

According to them,  if the 61-year-old truck driver doesn’t ever use the birth control pill coverage,   then he SHOULD pay for it for other people.   His money goes to those who don’t  pay for the results of . . . recreation of that kind.     They CAN’T pay,  so the one who has money SHOULD pay for them — and our Rulers will see to it that they do!     Taking money from one group and handing it out to another group.

Message to our Rulers:   “You are not entitled to what other people have.”

Please.   Men of Valor.     Stand up against this Health Control Bill.   Redistribution of our money is not even the worst of it.



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