“Mom!  Mom!   Do you have any glycerin?????!!!!!!”

B Bubbles transparent

Oh, yes,  I understood the question.    But I had to tell my grown (my very grown-up) children that my ever-abundant kitchen  treasure chest is out of glycerin at the present moment.

They disappeared for a while.

And came back.     “Mom!  Mom!   Do you have any dishwashing liquid????”    (yes)    (how else would I hand-wash my dishes?)

” . . . . and corn syrup?”    I happened to have an old unopened bottle of genetically modified corn corn syrup which I just hadn’t thrown away yet.

So there you have it:  the recipe for making bubbles.    I’ll spare you the scavenger hunt that followed next to find something to blow the bubbles with.      Let’s just say I’m impressed with their inventiveness.B Scissors

Single digits outside.

B all of them

They were shivering and their fingers froze.   We  were shivering.  I was out there too.   But we’ve all heard what soap bubbles do in freezing temperatures….   And they really do those things!

B crystal forms bubble round

Someone would blow a soap bubble, and then we’d all watch, transfixed,  as the surface slowly crystalized, as beautiful  crystals floated all over the bubble.  More and more  tiny crystal “islands”  migrated and grouped themselves together until the entire surface of the bubble was crystalized.

B Happy

So beautiful!    Only the temperature kept us from doing more — but then only the temperature allowed us to do it at all!

Two days later, Son and I had to prepare for our long trip to the Far Far North.   But first –  son had located some actual commercially-made bubble solution.


They were beautiful and delicate outdoors in the daylight,  so delicate that if you touched one with your finger,  you made a hole in the bubble,  but the rest of the bubble was frozen in place.SAMSUNG

The bubbles could rip and tear with the lightest touch. . .


. . .  but with more pressure,  the bubble shredded into tiny fragments of thin “plastic”  pieces.   I have many photos of the inside of my garage,  but none show  what was left of the bubble shreds.SAMSUNG

Bubbles are fun. We expect to know what kind of fun we can have with bubbles, because we know how they act according to their nature.    I just didn’t know that their “natures”  can change under differing circumstances.


Can there be a lesson here for how we treat people – as their own circumstances change and then require a new sort of appreciation from us?      Bubbles.   Not trivial at all!

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