My mother’s heart is scared tonight,  so I just want to speak plainly, without pulling any punches, as they say.   (Why I’m scared I might talk about tomorrow.)    What I write tonight is true,  but it’s not politically correct,  and may be overly (impulsively) detailed.   So:

eye closeup

Good picture?    Nope.

Today’s technology can do much better:


In his cornea,  technology can see the people who were standing in front of him when his picture was taken.    We all know what pixels are…or at least how to use them and manage them.

The cornea of your eye can reflect an image of 150 pixels….10 X 15.   From this small image, law enforcement agencies can retrieve from a photograph the image that the subject was seeing at the time he had his picture taken.

I’m not surprised.   My favorite kind of movie is a really good high tech, spy-vs-spy,  action adventure thriller. . ..   Well, it has to be high, high tech to be good.

(Like Thor’s hammer,  my skeptical friend.  Magic is merely technology that we haven’t discovered yet.)

So, given my choice of movies,  this new technology that allows us to retrieve images from a living cornea, therefore, is not too surprising to me,  and I do understand some of the implications although I don’t know all of the possibilities.

Since I can’t discuss what I don’t know about,  I like to remember when this “technology”  was last known  (five hundred years ago)  and its results given to us human beings, first in Central America, and then to us in the whole world.

pupil whole lady

This is a familiar image to many.    It is Mary, the Mother of the Son of God,  as she appeared on a hilltop in a murderously pagan empire that was about to end.    Here is a close-up of her eyes:

pupil two eyesGod sees all things, and through the eyes of an apparition of Mary, He saw and  she saw what she saw  –   and now we can see it too.  What exactly was seen?

I once read  a chilling series of journal entries from a European man who was lined up with hundreds of prisoners along a dark pathway.  The line wound through the thick jungle in Central America, but the men didn’t know yet where it was leading.

poisoned arrow

The line moved slowly during that long dark night.  Escape seemed impossible for they were very well guarded with spears and poisoned arrows.   By men, that is, with spears and poisoned arrows.


Escape successfully from these men and you face countless other poisons from insects and plants or you may become prey to the jaguars whose screams were heard in the long night of terror . . . near the terrified line of men.

As the night wore on and the line moved forward, human screams began to be heard, screams of mortal terror, mortal pain.   Then cheers of an enormous crowd.


We know this now to be the Mayan practice of assuring strength and prosperity by  (poisoning,  dismemberment)  ripping out the hearts of their sacrificial victims from on top of their step pyramids.

sacrifice at the top

That is where the man who wrote these journal entries was going.

Somehow he escaped and he was one of the few who made it back to the ships that had brought him to this “New World” and then he could write his journal.      Some (some!) of the Europeans knew a different God,  and they had brought missionaries to tell everyone about a kinder God who loves the world and all the creatures that He made.

About forty years later, when many more Europeans were living among these New World men with their savage gods,  one of the native people, named Juan Diego,  saw this messenger,  this lady,  this Mary, Mother of the Son of God, who in a miraculously created image stood out victoriously in front of all the recognizable Mayan/Aztec symbols.    In a short time many, many millions of native Americans converted and were baptized.   The human sacrifices ceased.    (For a time.)

The details of this story are easy to find everywhere on the Internet,  but here is where we can double back to “today’s” technology.   Using a similar idea, several years ago,  the eyes of the image of the lady that was left behind,  were examined.

That close-up of her eyes.

pupil two eyes

And moving in even closer….

pupil image

When the image on the “cloth” was unfolded before the church authorities, the cornea on the eyes of the image  had recorded those men standing in front of it.   This is one state of the development of that image.   We think it might be Juan Diego himself.

The “technology”  needed to record and to retrieve the corneal image seems to have been well-known by our Creator —   who has created all this.

Separated by almost five hundred years,   human corneas reveal the image they’ve seen.

Separated by almost five hundred years,  human sacrifice –  for the sake of personal strength and prosperity —  still exists in our nation.   This is a story you won’t hear on your television news this week,  but it’s  the story of 55,000,000 Americans.

It is easy to believe that the next “appearance” of Heaven’s messengers will not be a beautiful, gentle lady,  looking at four men, standing calmly before her.


Perhaps this is a good Tribute to Tuesdays.  Hats off to our Rulers who somehow found a way for us to pay for ongoing human sacrifices.


Corneal images from five hundred years ago – found in books about Our lady of Guadalupe

Corneal images from today – found in several news articles (Search terms:  “retrieving”  “corneal”  “images”  — sorry,  I can’t “retrieve”  the exact article I read today)

For harrowing images of Mayan sacrifices –  see the movie Apocalypso   (if you…can)

For harrowing images of  . . .   never mind. …   They are kept from you in the name of “good taste.”


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