I said in yesterday’s posting that “my mother’s heart is scared”  today.

m  1  sun going away

Well,  it’s because my Sun (Son) is going away.       Anytime there is anything out of the usual I can be afraid that anything can happen.

m  2  b lowup

An airplane has him right now —  in the sky somewhere —

m airplane over the world

And I hope … you know…

m airplane

So Son is going off to have some fun on a well-deserved vacation from his long twelve-hour days.  He and the young men he is with all work these grueling twelve-hour days.   Statistics show the job is more dangerous to his heart than anything that can happen on this vacation.

But I’m still a Mom.  And he’s going here:

m big sky

12,800 feet up high in the beautiful state of Montana.    I was there just a few months ago.   Lovely place to be.  But I wasn’t skiing.

m skiing off edge


He’ll be gone all week…. And he’s not skiing,  he’s snowboarding.    And I’m sure he’ll come back, just fine.

m  5 broken leg


(I can be really good at worrying.)

You don’t need to remind me to have faith in God.    I do.

You don’t need to tell me to put my Son in His hands.  I did.

You don’t need to remind me that God is in control.  I know.

It’s just that I might not agree with the God…who has my son….in His control.

Faith.    It’s not for cowards.    I’m probably the one who needs the prayers this week.

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