I’ve been zambonied!


That’s my nice neighbor, out there on my pond with his personal zamboni machine.     He’s clearing the bumps off the ice and creating a very smooth surface.    He and his family will be playing hockey out there and I’ll be … oh, dear. …  trying to find my ice skating muscles.

The pond has been looking very inviting.


It beckoned to me last night,  but late at night, with single digit temperatures,  it occurred to me that if I fell and cracked my head on the ice – all alone –  I probably wouldn’t be found until a day or two later. . . .


So I waited until today, in the daytime,  to lace myself up.

As a young girl growing up in the city,  as a  busy young wife and mother,  all throughout my adulthood — I never would have imagined that some day I’d have an ice rink just outside my back door.

And right down the stairs:

SAMSUNGI’m very, very thankful for this.

Even though I’m still very unsteady.

SAMSUNGThat ice just has to be shoveled.   There is not much snow, but it looks better if the surface is cleared – and the shovel provides a nice “support.”

SAMSUNGI worked on the perimeter, and then did one wide path across the middle.   It was an overcast day and the temperature had gotten up to double digits:   11 to be exact;  11 degrees.   Good enough.

I discovered interesting things about this ice:

SAMSUNGThis is one of those years that the ice is multileveled.    The cracks are on the surface, but that white spot is an “ice bubble”  about six inches deep beneath the surface.   Then you can just about make out some brown leaves there, frozen now but used to be floating on the water, maybe 10 or 12 inches down below the surface.

As I glided across the ice,  I could feel a slight “rise” in the ice, like a mini speed bump.   That happens in very cold weather as the ice is freezing more and more, but since it has already met the edges,  there is no more room to expand outwards.   If this continues, we might hear a big  booming “crack” as the surface will have expanded as far as it can go  and then the little “rise”  shatters into a long new crack.

Meanwhile,   I was beginning to feel like this is “good exercise” — but I still had a long way to go to shovel over to that “hockey goal”  over there –

SAMSUNGFresh air and exercise for another day.

This is a fun world.

Deo gratias.

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2 Comments on “ZAMBONIED !!!”

  1. I usta be a passable ice skater…now, I don’t dare try!

  2. Ha Ha – Hi cousin! Passable! Well, I “passed” today. Gotta wait until the muscle burn goes away. I’d go out tomorrow but my excuse is below zero temperatures and 40 mile an hour winds.

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